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Travel expenses; What you need to know

As a business owner, you can deduct travel expenses you incur to earn business and professional income. Airfare, hotels, car rentals, mileage, and other miscellaneous expenses such as laundry costs can be written off. Meals are also deductible, but only at 50%.

A business purpose to a trip could be anything, as long as it is valid. You could be meeting a new supplier, attending a convention related to your business, or visiting your rental properties. Be prepared to have good documentation to prove that it was a business trip. Comic book conventions, concerts, and any other entertainment type of event will not qualify.

If you are driving your vehicle to the destination, you must keep track of your mileage and claim the trip as part of your business-use percentage.

You are certainly allowed to mix business with pleasure; however, you can only claim the travel expenses, accommodation and meals for the days you were away for business purposes. The other days will have to be kept separated.

You can take your family along on business trips; however, only the costs directly associated with you and your business will count towards the deductible expenses, unless they are active in the business.

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